Sunday, July 3, 2016

We are half way through our amazing experience!

Hola a todos de nuevo!

It's hard to believe it, but we are half way through our program... This week  has been really exciting! We had a special guest who came to pay us a visit and we went to the beach. Let's get started!


Kennedy's birthday was on Sunday! We surprised her on Monday with a b-cake and a card signed by each one of us!


On Wednesdays we play different sports. This last one was no exception! We had a great time playing soccer, basketball, and volleyball. Noah brought some of his friends to join us!


On Thursday, we had a special visit: a reporter from the local newspaper "El Diario de Yucatán" came to interview three of our students!

Maddy, Mackenzie, Zach, and Luis

The interview was featured on Saturday :)

This is the link to the article:

"Ya sé un poco de maya"


Fridays are always special for all of us: Friday equals fun! Last Friday we went to Celestún, a national park which is a wildlife reserve. Our goal was to spot some flamingo birds among others.

As soon as we arrived at Celestún, we hired four boats with their respective tour guides. We hopped on the boats and were ready to embark on a memorable trip!

Our boat was lucky! We were able to see some flamingoes. Flamingo birds are incredible shy and if they see or hear someone coming, they will fly away. Our tour guide told us that they eat very little during the day. As a consecuence of this, when flamingoes fly they lose 50% of their calories. Therefore, being quiet is really important in order not to disturb them.

Unfortunately, another boat got too close to the birds: they got scared and flew away..... As a result, one of our boats did not get the chance to see them...

Once we spotted some flamingoes, we headed to another place within the reserve: we went to a "Ojo de agua," which is like a small lake that has crystal-clear water. We swam with some curious fish and
it was great to cool off!

That's supposed to be a crab....

After having a great time in the Ojo de agua, we headed back to the town of Celestún and.... it was beach time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for visiting our blog!

I will be updating the blog on Monday, July 11th. We have a weekend-long excursion to Tulum and we are coming back to Mérida on Sunday :)


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